Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crossing Two State Lines, Twice in One Day.

i did that today.

For my Evolution of Dinosaurs class, we went on a field trip to the Field Museum in Chicago. Which mean that we took our HUGE "Hope College" and orange all over it... down to indiana, and then over to Illinois. Michigan-Indiana-Illinois. It makes me feel weird that we can do that. Borders and state lines make me feel weird anyway.

So at the museum, my class walked in, sporting backpacks, and expressing enthusiasm over the dinosaur fossils we were about to see. I felt like i was 6 years old. Maybe that's because there were about 300 six year olds around us, also sporting backpacks and shaking with excitment.

I decided that I really like dinosaurs, and also don't understand how some people can deny their existence. My professor gets SO EXCITED about fossils and cladograms, so I feel like I have to be interested, just because he loves it so much. What a funny man!

While eating lunch in the basement of the museum, I talked with the two girls that i usually sit next to in class. Andi said that she was from around here (meaning chicago), and then we realized that we are from the same hometown...WHAT. I have literally been sitting next to her everyday for the past three weeks, and just found this out now.

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