Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Upgrade You

I can't help but post about Beyonce again. There are just so many things about the woman that are impressive.
Here are the videos I have been watching over and over and over again lately:

Not only is Beyonce a grown ass woman, but she also just does whatever she wants. I am impressed with her marriage to Jay-z, because they are both as successful as they have ever been.

As part of a secret online women's society, I have a growing appreciation for powerful women in our culture. Beyonce is probably the greatest, but these women are also definitely worth mentioning:

Uma Thurman
Natalie Portman
Meryl Streep
Bettie Paige
Marylin Monroe
Sister Mary Giles

This is a work-in-progress list.

The latest news from the Hope College front is that my prof from New York, John Silvis is here today! I am going to get coffee with him and Chelsea, and then sit in on the information meeting about NYCAMS. I think it's fun when I get to be a representative for different programs.

Also I've just been generally very happy, and that's probably due to one person in particular.

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