Thursday, February 10, 2011

today was a good day

i have been looking out the window of
the library for about 5 minutes which feels like
45 minutes wondering if
i should go buy a cup of coffee.

(i got the coffee)
one small cup costing $1.50
i put my money in the to-go mug because i was
presumably "in a hurry?"
So I didn't have to wait in line
three men in uniform
is it for the army
watched me fill up my cup
did they think I was stealing?

who would steal that coffee anyway
because it tastes like hot piss
most of the time, mixed
with cream and sugar
walking with it in my hand forces drips
out of the oval mouth hole of
the lid onto the surface and
I feel obliged to lick it even
though now it tastes like
cold piss mixed with cream and sugar

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