Saturday, March 20, 2010

things as of late

latest ailment: oral candida

latest excitement: spring break, seeing my family, seeing my man, getting straight A's on midterms

latest frustration: Bethel University's uncooperative nature over my transcripts and credit transfer to Hope. I do not want to have to request a transcript that should have been transferred three months ago. Irresponsible, Bethel. Irresponsible.

latest music obsession: Best Friends Forever

latest artist obsession: Henry Darger


  1. I work at Bethel in St. Paul. What's the problem?

    Rich Sherry
    Executive Assistant to the President

  2. By now, you should have been contacted by Bethel, and your transcript will be on the way. A change in staffing in two different offices, I think, affected this.

  3. Thanks so much! I think things must have just been lost in the shuffle during the staffing changes.